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What is Eco Bubble Wrap…

Nowadays bubble wrap is available with all the great traditional properties of strength, flexibility and convenience while having an eye to the environment. The two layer Eco Bubble Wrap uses 50% recycled plastic in its manufacture, whilst the three layer uses 70% both and provides a means of reusing plastic again and again.

From our site in Sheffield, waste polythene and shrink wrap are collected locally from local businesses, it is weighed and then moved into the factory for recycling. First the polythene is shredded and then passed into an extrusion machine to be melted, in order to produce the recycled pellets. These pellets are then passed into a second extruder where the bubble wrap is formed.


Eco Bubble Wrap is also completely recyclable and we will gladly arrange the recycling of any used/unused bubble wrap sent back to us. We can turn your waste bubble wrap into new and supply it back to you in rolls, thus minimising both the use of fresh resources and waste.

We first under took this for a local company, who, as part of their manufacturing process, produced a large quantity of  blue polythene packaging waste. Already recycling this into pellet, the natural next step was to convert this pellet into bubble wrap and offer this back to them. The product met all their expectations for protecting their products, whilst the blue colour quickly became distinctive and  synonymous with environmentally friendly production. The colour has stuck and now all Eco Bubble Wrap is coloured blue.

We are working towards making our bubble wrap even more environmentally friendly. Through the analysis of the properties of the recycled pellet, we hope soon to increase the recycled content  to 75%.

Why not try some Eco Bubble Wrap for yourself, and see first hand its great protective properties. 

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Small bubble
1500mm by 100m roll: £13.80 per roll
1200mm by 100m roll: £11 75 per roll
300mm by 100m roll: 4 rolls per pack £12.50 per pack

Large bubble
1500mm by 50m roll: £12.90 per roll
1200mm by 50m roll: £10.50 per roll
300mm by 50m roll: 4 rolls per pack 10.90 per pack

Three layer bubble wrap, made with 70% recycled plastic, offering extra strength for a more heavy duty application.

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