Recycling in Sheffield - What We Do - Plumb Polymers

What we do…

Our own curtain sider and skip wagons bring all plastic and cardboard back to our factory site in Sheffield, where they are weighed and sorted.

The polythene is then cleaned and melted through an extruder into pellets ready to be used in polythene bag and sheet manufacture, as well as in our own bubblewrap called Ecobubblewrap. This has a recycled content of 50%, whilst still maintaining its strength and protective properties.

Any rigid plastics, such as pallets, IBC’s, crates, trays and pipes are also sorted and then fed through a shredder and granulator to produce a fine flake ready to be used in the manufacture of everything from drainage pipes to boxes and crates.

Expanded polystyrene is shredded and compacted into briquettes. These blocks are 20 times denser than the loose material and this process is the crucial first step which enables the polystyrene to be then extruded into pellets.

Cardboard and paper, are also sorted and then baled ready to be used in paper manufacture at paper mills both at home and abroad. When required, the paper is passed through a shredder to ensure it is confidentially destroyed.

Any material we cannot recycle directly, we sort and prepare for the recycling process to begin at our partner re-processors. This can be as bales or stacked in crates or on pallets.

A complete plastic and cardboard site audit is offered free of charge. Here we assess all packaging materials that arise from your site and advise on recyclability and value. We are also able to supply balers, skips trailers and compactors to make the storage and collection of material for recycling  economical, efficient and as straightforward as possible.

With over 50 years experience in all aspects of plastic and cardboard recycling we have the expertise to provide a recycling service that will be fitted to your needs.

A word from the manager…

Last year our average recycling rate for all materials coming through the site was over 98%. We work very hard to sort and segregate incoming materials in order to maximise the amount we recycle. This means less than 2% of plastic was not recycled, yet even this was not disposed of to landfill but used as energy from waste.

At Plumb Polymers our aim is to recycle plastic packaging in order that it can be used over and over again and does not become a problem to the environment but remains a safe and useful product. The plastic recycled at Plumb Polymers is used in the manufacture of bubblewrap, damp proof course, drainage products, crates and trays. All useful, safe, sustainable, responsible and each of its self, totally recyclable at the end of their useful life. Nobody wants landfill to be added to, or  more plastic in the ocean. We certainly don’t want to add to the problem of plastic, but rather take what is a very versatile and useful product and through recycling, enable it to be use time and time again.

Our philosophy is summed up in one of the products we make, Ecobubblewrap, 100% recyclable, made from recycled plastic with the option to be returned to us to be recycled again.

Help us to help you recycle responsibly!